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  • Path of Inspiration

    When the quori first came to Sarlona, they used infiltration, psionic manipulation, and cunning politics to throw the continent into bloody chaos. Then presenting themselves as divinely inspired saviors, they came to the rescue and now

  • Servants of the Inspired

    The ordinary citizenry of Riedra follow the instructions of their overlords with great devotion. These near-gods walk among them, smiling on the faithful and dispensing terrible punishment to their enemies.

    Certain favored worshipers are promoted

  • Rites and Rituals of the Inspired

    The Inspired cement their hold over the populace through pseudo-religious ceremonies that not only reinforce their role, but also have the more valuable function of focusing psychic energy. Most of these rituals involve the monoliths that the quori are

  • The Inspired in Everyday Life

    The typical followers of the Path of Inspiration are humans and Chosen. Farmers, tradespersons, and merchants these people are convinced that the Inspired, through the spirits that installed them, hold a great vision for the rebirth of the world.

  • Temples and Shrines of the Inspired

    The monoliths that dot the Riedran landscape are tools of Inspired control over their empire, but to the worshipful population, they are sacred monuments that hold the spirits of the dead until they move on to a new existence or are reborn. Many but not

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