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  • Servants of the Light

    In Khorvaire, those who follow il-Yannah are almost entirely kalashtar, although a few other beings are also drawn to the idea of a universal force of positive energy and purity of spirit. In Adar, most people show at least some respect to the Path of

  • Rites and Rituals of the Path of Light

    The Path of Light is at once intensely personal and selflessly altruistic. This seeming contradiction vanishes through understanding its purpose. Survival demands that the lightspeakers keep their devotion hidden, for enemies are everywhereand those

  • The Path of Light in Everyday Life

    Every kalashtar is troubled by a conflict within her very nature. On the one hand, her soul is descended from a quori spiritan alien child of Dal Quor, even though it is a rebel against the Dark. Its thoughts intrude upon her consciousness, and their

  • Temples and Shrines of the Light

    In Khorvaire, followers of the Path of Light do not build temples. The only shrines to the Light are those within the minds of its followers. Personal quarters double as meditation chambers but do not display any obvious religious function.

  • Variant Sects of the Path of Light

    A small number of kalashtar are neither evil nor insane, but they dont follow the Path of Light. Some call themselves dreamwalkers, professing that the il-Lashtavar is not a force of evil. It is incomprehensible to nonquori, and its alien

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