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  • Dark Lantern

    The Dark Lanterns serve the crown of Breland as spies and assassins. Collectively they form the intelligence division of the Kings Citadel, a much larger organization sworn to defend Breland from its enemies and dispense justice in the name of King

  • Deadgrim

    The deadgrim are an elite faction within the Red Watchers, a new organization of undead hunters within Karrnath. While all watchers dedicate their lives to cleansing their homeland of undead, the deadgrim range beyond Karrnath and go further in their

  • Escalation Mage

    Many know the tale of the shadow of Aureon, god of law and knowledge, coming into a life of its own as an evil deity. According to legend, the unholy divestiture was the price Aureon paid to master the arcane arts. Millenia later, mortals who walk the

  • Thief of Life

    Every Seeker is fascinated by the twin mysteries of death and divinity. Not every believer seeks in the same ways, however. Some engage in exhaustive academic research, looking to uncover secrets hiddern in long-forgotten lore. Others conduct

  • Extreme Explorer

    The ancient depths of Sharn, the tangled jungles of Qbarra, the howling crags of the Demon Wastes, and the cyclopean ruins of Xendrik are like home to the extreme explorer. Whether motivated by a thirst for knowledge about Eberrons most ancient

  • Master Inquisitive

    The master inquisitive takes the art of investigation and deduction to the ultimate level, rising to the top of the field. A master inquisitive could be an elite freelance investigator, or a master detective working for a recognized law enforcement

  • Planar Shepherd

    Some druids, especially among the Greensingers or those who have dealt extensively with that sect, reject narrow interpretations of what constitutes the natural world. They see the great dance of the planes as the full expression of

  • Quori Mindhunter

    The Quori mindhunter has a single mission: to hunt down and destroy the quori spirits that corrupt humanity, and the possessed Inspired that further the aims of the Dreaming Dark. To aid him in this cause, he becomes much like those he hunts, luring a

  • Renegade Mastermaker

    A renegade mastermaker applies the secrets of warforged creation methods to his own body, slowly replacing parts of his body with mechanical augmentations. He uses state of the art procedures to enhance his body, slowly becoming more and more like the

  • Quori Nightmare

    The quori nightmare taps into the primal horrors and urges of the subconcious. She has the keys to unlock the remote, dusty closets of the mind where all repressed uncertainties and fears dwell.


  • Fist of Dal Quor

    The Inspired are the lords of Riedra and the physical presence of the Dreaming Dark on Eberron, but their numbers are limited and their importance too great to be risked in common combat. When battle must be done, they turn to Chosen fists of Dal Quor.

  • Haztaratain

    Ancient and watchful, the Haztaratain order has been around in some form almost as long as the land of refuge has been called Adar. These mystics set body and mind in balance. They use the strange dichotomies of Adars landscape as metaphors for

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