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  • Kalashtar Psychology

    The kalashtar bond with the quori is a difficult thing for an outsider to understand. A kalashtar cannot consciously interact with her quori spirit; it is an inherent part of her, not a separate sentience within her mind. She has hazy memories of places

  • The Secret War-Kalashtar

    The Dreaming Dark will not rest until the kalashtar have been destroyed, and its agents are masters of deception and intrigue. The Inspired cannot launch a full-scale assault on the kalashtar enclave in Sharn, but they can stir up the paranoia and

  • The Path of Light-Kalashtar

    Most kalashtar are devoted to the Path of Light. Dedication to the Path is what drew the rebel quori from the Region of Dreams to begin with, and this belief is inherited directly from the quori spirit. Kalashtar are free-willed individuals, though, and

  • Inner Balance

    The mind of a kalashtar is a synthesis of human soul and quori spirit. The quori spirit empowers its host, granting mental power and long life. The quori is not an independent presence; it is an integrated part of the kalashtars personality. At the

  • Spiritual Lineage-Kalashtar

    Sixty-seven rebel quori survived the exodus from Dal Quor, and every kalashtar has a bond to one of these spirits. The suffix attached to a kalashtars name is the name of the quori ancestor: Lanharath is Lan of the lineage of Harath. Quori spirits do

  • Warforged Psychology

    The technology used to create warforged began with the methods used to create mindless constructs. Although true sentience was a goal, there was little thought given to what the effects of sentience would be or how to best prepare those minds for their

  • Needs-Warforged

    Warforged need little to survive: not sleep, food, or even air to breathe. Warforged need only shelter from extremes of cold and heat, and to repair damage done to their bodies. With such minimal requirements, one might think a warforged could travel to

  • Battle-Warforged

    Born into a warring world, warforged were divorced from everything they understood when the Last War ended. Some warforged were relieved by the end of the conflict, some were angry, and others were frightened.

    All warforged have opinions about

  • Freedom-Warforged

    Freedom is wonderful, but it can also be terrifying. Warforged were created to fight and trained to follow orders; lacking a war to win or a leader to follow, many warforged are intimidated by the possibilities of freedom and seek comfort in roles where

  • Soldier Mindset-Warforged

    Warforged were sold to each of the Five Nations, and each individual owed allegiance to one of those states. Even so, a warforged was beholden not to all the people of that nation but to its army leaders. Freed warforged do not consider other creatures

  • Shifter Psychology

    Many shifters carry overt traits associated with their animal natures. Some are boorish or crude, while others are quiet and shifty. In addition to these behaviors, shifters share three main aspects of their psychology: a struggle with their powerful

  • Shifter Behavioral Traits

    Each shifter trait has some associated minor behavior that most of its members exhibit. As with other aspects of shifter psychology, these are general impressions of the shifter race as a whole rather than strict rules that every individual must adhere

  • The Removal of Bonds-Shifter

    Shifters believe that the reward for self-reliance is freedom. No shifter is comfortable with those who forcibly impose their will on others. While shifters cannot break free of their own physical forms in the way that a true lycanthrope can, they still

  • The Journey Yet to Come-Shifter

    Self-reliance has long been the most important virtue in the shifter mind. The greatest heroes of shifter folklore are often described as remaining constantly ready for surprise encounters and drawing on great reserves of inner strength rather than

  • The Beast Within-Shifter

    Shifters have a raw connection to instinct that members of other races seldom understand. Fueled by their ancient legacy, shifters hold within them extremes of emotion that strive to dominate their thoughts and actions. This raw inner turmoil comes

  • Changeling Psychology

    Members of most other races have a clear answer to the question Who am I? Dwarves are clever with stone, stable, and skillful against goblins and giants. Elves are graceful and observant. Half-orcs are strong and gruff. Each of the civilized races has

  • Passers-Changeling

    Trouble has keen eyes. Why wave?
    Passer adage

    Passers are the most humanlike of changelings in their thoughts and perspectives. They are ordinary people. They just want to be part of a community and live their lives. A passer

  • Becomers-Changeling

    Life is short, but Im not limited to just one.
    Becomer adage

    For becomers, living is being not just one person, but many people. These changelings actively use their minor change shape ability and live life in many different

  • Reality Seekers-Changeling

    Every question has an answer.
    Reality seeker adage

    A few changelings reject the passers notion of conformity at the cost of identity and spurn the becomers philosophies of transience and impermanence. These introspectives

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