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  • Q'barra

    Capital: Newthrone
    Population: 300,000 (40% lizardfolk, 30% humans, 15% kobolds, 7% halflings, 3% dwarves, 2% half-elves, 3% other)
    Exports: Eberron dragonshards

  • Q'barra's Industries

    The greatest resource Qbarra has to offer is its rich Eberron dragonshard deposits. The jungles also contain exotic plants with valuable alchemical properties. While Qbarra has begun to trade these goods to outsiders, most Qbarrans prefer to avoid

  • Life and Society in Q'barra

    The nation of Qbarra contains three distinct communities of the common races clustered in the Adder Valley region. The largest and oldest, New Galifar, considers itself to be the last bastion of the shattered kingdom. Despite the young nations humble

  • Q'barra's Government and Politics

    Qbarra is a feudal nation, following the model of old Galifar. King Sebastes irKesslan, grandson of the settlements founder, rules from the port city of Newthrone. Qbarra is also a frontier nation. Justice and its dispensation falls to the local

  • Power Groups in Q'barra

    Founded in the midst of the Last War and shielded by the Endworld Mountains, Qbarra has few outside power groups. The two halfling dragonmarked houses, Jorasco and Ghallandra, have longstanding connections in the region and are always welcome for the

  • Religion in Q'barra

    The original settlers brought the faiths of the Silver Flame and the Sovereign Host with them to Qbarra. Within the Sovereign Host, Aureon and Boldrei receive the most devotion, but all the deities have followers. Virtually any faith known in Khorvaire

  • Major Settlements in Q'barra

    Two major regions have been settled by the common races in Qbarra: New Galifar and Hope. Both these regions have recently become home to new communities of Cyran refugees. Newthrone, the capital, serves as the nucleus for a number of other towns. Given

  • Important Sites in Q'barra

    Qbarra is the only nation other than the Demon Wastes that contains relatively intact ruins from the Age of Demonsand with far fewer fiends and fiendish beasts guarding them here than in the Wastes. Most of these ruins have been worn down by time and

  • Adventuring in Q'barra

    Qbarra is a nation filled with mysteries and constant conflict. The refugee villages are lawless communities where anything can happen. The Valenar elves pose a threat to the west; Lhazaar raiders provide danger from the east and all along the coast.

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