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  • The Reforged

    The Reforged movement is more of a philosophy than a religion. It does not posit a warforged god, but it does share with the Becoming God a belief in the living soul. Rather than building or improving on that soul, though, they prefer to embrace the

  • The Four Maxims

    The Reforged honor Hatchet as the first of their kind. This philosopher formulated simple rules for living that the Reforged continue to follow and preach. He taught others in his philosophy, and they in turn spread the word. Hatchet himself no longer

  • Major Rites

    The big occasion in the life of a Reforged is the birthday, the moment of entering the movement, and the annual commemorations of it that follow. A new Reforged adopts a male or female personality if it did not already have one, and

  • Havens of the Reforged

    A typical Reforged enclave is a haven of sensation, made for warforged exploring their living nature but filled with the best of the fleshy world. It is decorated in bright colors and filled with life of all kinds: lush flowers visited by myriad

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