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  • Seren Dragon Cults

    The thirty or so tribes of barbarians who inhabit Seren Island, northwest of Argonessen proper, are ferocious raiders and fanatic worshipers of the dragons. Each tribe has a dragon founder, an individual that it reveres as its formost god

  • Servants of the Dragons

    Every Seren inhabitant follows the dragon gods, but very few are deemed worthy to speak to and for the gods themselves. These honored men and women are the dragonspeakers, who are the highest civil authority in each tribe.

    As civic leaders,

  • Rites and Rituals of the Dragon Cults

    The Seren worshipers lives are defined by superstition and ritual. Even the most minor undertaking is accompanied by a wish for the dragons blessings. If something goes wrong, a Seren assumes he has angered his tribes patron somehow and undertakes

  • The Dragon Cults in Everyday Life

    The influence of a dragon patron is everywhere within the life of a tribe. Totems and marks representing the tribes founder decorate buildings and clothing, and the dragons priests are always visible in their impressive regalia. Tribe members believe

  • Temples and Shrines of the Dragon Cults

    As mentioned, each tribe has a totem of its patron in the dragonspeakers compound. Religious life and ceremonies generally center around this representation. The Seren believe that the patron or its spirit (if deceased) sees through the eyes of the

  • Variant Sects of the Dragon Cults

    Some nonSerens revere the dragons as nearly divine, and believe that emulating the dragons can lead worshipers to a divine state. They reject the traditional gods of the Sovereign Host and instead have formed the Path of the Elemental Masters,

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