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  • The Silver Flame

    Of all the varied faiths of Eberron, the Silver Flame stands apart. The Purified, as followers of the faith call themselves, worship a divine entity of nonmortal origin, unlike the elves of Aerenal or the cultists of Rhashaak. Still, their god claims no

  • Argent Fist

    Many Purified devote their talents to battling the enemies of the Silver Flame. Some use divine spells, but the most iconic of the Flames soldiers are those who imbue their very bodies and weapons with magic: paladins and monks. Although very

  • Doctrine of the Silver Flame

    The Purified are bound together by numerous rites and traditions, by many beliefs, but by only a single religious doctrine, called the Tenet of Purity:

    Burn the corruption and taint of evil from all Eberron. Other gods have begun the creation

  • Servants of the Silver Flame

    Unlike most other faiths, which are primarily regional or cultural, the Silver Flame appeals to specific types of people. A faith based on purging evil calls most clearly to those with similar goals. People who believe the world is not just and wish to

  • Rites and Rituals of the Silver Flame

    Unlike other faiths that celebrate and venerate aspects of the world, worship of the Silver Flame is primarily a religion of deeds. For a Purified, leading a life of virtue is honoring the Silver Flame, requiring few rituals to enhance that veneration.

  • The Silver Flame in Everyday Life

    Despite the importance most Purified devote to their faith, active worship of the Silver Flame does not consume much of the faithfuls day-to-day living. The churches hold mass three times a day, but only the most devoted attend more than once or twice

  • Temples and Shrines of the Silver Flame

    The Silver Flame is a religion of extremes when it comes to houses of worship. Nearly any structure or room can serve as a shrine to the Flame. All that is required is a spot for a firepreferably tinted with silverburn sufficient to light the entire

  • Variant Sects of the Silver Flame

    The Silver Flame boasts a number of variant sects and subsects. Some are simple factions within the Church, not recognized as separate entities by the priesthood. Others are considered heresies by the faithful, subject to ostracism, rigorous

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