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  • New Uses for Spellcraft

    A character can make a Spellcraft check to identify a dragonmark and the spell-like ability it bestows on the person carrying it. The DC of the check depends on the type of mark:

    Aberrant mark DC 18

  • New Uses for Craft

    Eberron includes a number of new items that can be made using the Craft (alchemy) skill, as well as a few special materials that are more difficult to work with than their mundane equivalents. Craft check DCs for these items are given on the table below

  • New Uses for Linguistics

    A character who can cast arcane mark can attempt to forge someone elses mark using the Linguistics skill while casting the spell. This special use of both spell and skill stretches the casting time of the arcane mark spell to 10 minutes. The

  • New Uses for Disguise

    A character who uses the Disguise skill to impersonate someone with a visible dragonmark takes a -10 penalty on the check because of the unique and magical nature of dragonmarks.

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