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  • The Sovereign Host

    Arguably the greatest of Eberrons major religions, the Sovereign Host pantheon claims the hearts and minds of an enormus proportion of Khorvaires poopulation, and even in the face of newer faiths, it continues to grow. The Sovereign Host

  • Variant Sects of the Sovereign Host

    The priesthood rarely concerns itself about variant sects within the ranks of the Vassals. Given the widespread nature of the faith, and the many cultural and national differences in practice, one could say that the entire religion is little more than

  • Doctrine of the Sovereign Host

    The Sovereign Host encompasses nine gods- or fifteen, depending on ones point of view- who hold sway over every aspect of mortal life. Where the Silver Flame requires worshipers devoted to a specific principle, and the Blood of Vol demands

  • Servants of the Sovereign Host

    Vassals are the most numerous worshipers in Khorvaire, and since they believe the gods are intrinsic to everyday life, a slightly larger proportion become priests than do members of other faiths. Only a very small percentage of those Vassals who call

  • Rites and Rituals of the Sovereign Host

    Vassals perform rituals to celebrate almost every aspect of life. From life and community events, such as weddings and coronations, to natural occurrences, such as changing seasons or the harvest, every feature of the world contains an element of the

  • The Sovereign Host in Everyday Life

    As might be expected of a faith that proclaims the gods presence in all aspects of the world, Vassals practice their religion throughout the day, regardless of activity. The precise degree of observance depends on the devotion of the individual: The

  • Temples and Shrines of the the Sovereign Host

    Temples to the Sovereign Host are traditionally made of stone, although wood suffices in poor or forested communities. They normally stand near other buildings or areas of significance, both to symbolize their importance and to make them easily

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