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  • The Demon Wastes' Industries

    The human barbarian tribes who eke out an existence in the desolate plains between the Demon Wastes forbidding coast and the twisting canyons of the Labyrinth have no interest in making contact with the rest of Khorvaire. Indeed, they work hard to keep

  • Life and Society in the Demon Wastes

    Two distinct barbarian groups occupy the Demon Wastes. The Ghaashkala clans inhabit the Labyrinth, while the Carrion Tribes wander the plains that lie to the west of the canyons.

    The members of the Carrion Tribes are the more numerous of the

  • The Demon Wastes' Government and Politics

    The Carrion Tribes revere the dark spirits of the Wastes. Half-fiends whose ancestors mingled their blood with the rakshasa lead most of the tribes, while a handful of priests and warriors possessed by evil spirits rule the rest. Leadership of a tribe

  • Power Groups in the Demon Wastes

    Few established power groups operate in this desolate land. The only humanoids found in the Demon Wastes belong to the barbarian tribes (though House Tharashk is seeking a way to exploit the regions mineral resources). The barbarian tribes and the fi

  • Religion in the Demon Wastes

    The Carrion Tribes worship the fiendish powers that dwell within the Wastesthe imprisoned rakshasa rajahs, the night hags, and the lesser spirits that dwell in the shadows. Barbarians are seen as sacred warriors who undergo a form of possession when

  • Major Settlements in the Demon Wastes

    There are no significant humanoid cities in the Demon Wastes. The nomadic Carrion Tribes constantly move across the desolate plains as they hunt prey, avoid enemies, and search for sustenance in the bleak land. The Ghaashkala clans maintain a number of

  • Important Sites in the Demon Wastes

    The Demon Wastes are sparse and barren. Fire pits and active volcanoes fill the air with smoke and ash, while cauldrons of boiling mud give off a sulfurous stench. The ruins of ancient fiend cities litter the plains, appearing as oddly shaped piles of

  • Adventuring in the Demon Wastes

    The Demon Wastes are barren and deadly, and there are few reasons to risk the many dangers of the land. The first is simple greed. In addition to mineral wealth, ancient and powerful relics from the Age of Demons are hidden among the ruins, protected by

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