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  • The Mournland

    Capital: None
    Population: 1,000 [estimated] (98% warforged, 2% other)
    Exports: None
    Languages Common

    Once, Cyre shone more brightly than any of its sibling

  • The Mournland's Industries

    Once upon a time, Cyre was known for its fine manufactured goods and its remarkable arts and crafts. The wealthy throughout the Five Nations took pride in having one or more pieces from the master artists of Cyre in their collections. House Phiarlan

  • Life and Society in the Mournland

    The Cyrans who werent killed in the disaster that mutated the region fled to safer locales and now live as exiles in other lands. Few sentient beings live within the borders of the dead-gray mists, and no survivors of the old order can be found in this

  • The Mournland's Government and Politics

    The laws of the Mournland are deceptively harsh and relatively simple: Those who enter the Mournland probably wont survive. Those who do survive will be changedphysically, spiritually, and mentally. Nature doesnt work here the way it does outside the

  • Power Groups in the Mournland

    While certain powerful individuals live within the confines of the Mournland, few power groups remain active in the wake of the disaster of the Day of Mourning. Of these, only one makes its home in the desolate land; the others enter the Mournland to

  • Religion in the Mournland

    The gods have deserted the Mournland. However, the followers of the Lord of Blades see their leader as a prophet of sorts. His message is only to the warforged, since his scripture deals with building a nation of living constructs out of the Mournland

  • Major Settlements in the Mournland

    The cities of Cyre, once grand and beautiful, lie in ruins throughout the Mournland. Nothing lives within them except scavenging beasts and marauding monsters.

    Metrol (Ruined Metropolis): This great city was once the

  • Important Sites in the Mournland

    The Mournland is a realm of mystery and devastation. A few sites are described in the legends already gathering around lost Cyre, but much more lies hidden within the cloak of dead-gray mist that surrounds the land.

    The Dead-Gray Mist

  • Adventuring in the Mournland

    The Mournland shows the horrors of arcane war. The place has a dead, tomblike air about it. Nothing natural exists within its borders of thick, gray mist, and living spells roam the land. Surviving within the Mournland isnt an easy task; the few plants

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