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  • The Mror Holds

    Capital: Krona Peak
    Population: 700,000 (65% dwarves, 12% humans, 10% orcs, 8% gnomes, 5% other)
    Exports: Banking, precious and nonprecious metals
    Languages: Dwarven,

  • The Mror Holds' Industries

    The Ironroot Mountains hold some of the richest mineral deposits on Khorvaire, making the Mror Holds a primary source for iron, copper, and other vital ores. Over the centuries, the dwarves have uncovered veins of gold, platinum, and other rare and

  • Life and Society in the Mror Holds

    The Ironroot Mountains are harsh and unforgiving. Nature can kill with ice or stone, and even when nature does not threaten, orcs, trolls, and other dangerous creatures lie in wait. The people of the Mror Holds tend to be grim folk, dedicated to their

  • The Mror Holds' Government and Politics

    The Mror Holds consist of a loose confederation of clans, each of which lays claim to a territory, or hold, within the Ironroot Mountains. Issues that concern the entire nation go before the conclave known as the Iron Council. Currently, Torlan Mroranon

  • Power Groups in the Mror Holds

    The various dwarf clans have differing levels of influence in the Holds, and the dragonmarked House Kundarak wields more power than a neutral party has any right to. Here are some of the movers and shakers in the Holds.

    House Kundarak

  • Religion in the Mror Holds

    Over the past millennium, the Sovereign Host has built up a strong presence within the Holds. Kol Koran, the Lord of World and Wealth, commands the most followers, but Boldrei, Olladra, Onatar, and Dol Dorn also receive worship.

    For their part,

  • Major Settlements in the Mror Holds

    The Holds have many major settlements, from the realms of the dwarf clans to the humans living on the shores of Mirror Lake. Described here are the two most prominent ones.

    Krona Peak (Large City, 24,230): Located in

  • Important Sites in the Mror Holds

    The dwarves built very little prior to the annexation of the Holds by Galifar. For this reason, sites of significance in this area tend to be natural or newer than in other nations.

    The Fist of Onatar: This active

  • Adventuring in the Mror Holds

    The Mror Holds allow for exploration and are well suited to intrigue. Ancient feuds still fester behind the peaceful facade of the Iron Council, and heroes could be pulled into secret wars or the machinations of the Aurum. The Ironroot Mountains are

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