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  • Thrane

    Capital: Flamekeep
    Population: 2,300,000 (70% human, 10% half-elf, 9% dwarf, 4% elf, 4% halfling, 3% other)
    Exports: Fine crafts, wool, textiles, missionaries, fruit, livestock

  • Thrane's Industries

    Thrane has attempted to develop a closed economy since the start of the Last War that allows it to rely on itself and not require goods or services from beyond its own borders. The Thranes have not been entirely successful. They continue to make use of

  • Life and Society in Thrane

    Thranes citizenry consists of farmers, clerics, adepts, and a city-dwelling middle class. Most of the metropolitan centers are clustered in the eastern portion of the nation, along the waterways that empty into Scions Sound. Central and western Thrane

  • Thrane's Government and Politics

    The royal family and secular authority of the crown has been replaced in Thrane by a theocracy in league with the Church of the Silver Flame. The Keeper of the Flame, currently eleven-year-old Jaela Daran, sits on both the spiritual and worldly thrones

  • Power Groups in Thrane

    The Church of the Silver Flame holds all power in Thrane. While this power may appear to be held firmly by the Keeper of the Flame, in truth her Council of Cardinals wields much of it and sometimes operates in conflict with the wishes and pronouncements

  • Religion in Thrane

    The Church of the Silver Flame holds sway throughout Thrane. The Sovereign Host has a small presence, particularly Dol Arrah and Dol Dorn.

  • Major Settlements in Thrane

    All of Thranes population centers are located in the nations eastern regions, along the waterways that spill into Scions Sound.

    Flamekeep (Metropolis, 150,000): Flamekeep grew as the Church of the Silver Flame gained

  • Important Sites in Thrane

    Thranes sites include a number of holy landmarks, war monuments, and historical locations.

    The Chamber of the Flame: Located deep within the Cathedral of the Silver Flame, this is the place where the holy light of the

  • Adventuring in Thrane

    Perhaps the most repressive and least welcoming of the Five Nations, the theocracy of Thrane stands as a contradiction that many adventurers will find frustrating to deal with. It proclaims to be a bastion of lawful good ideals (and it is), but it

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