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  • Souls and the Afterlife

    The Aereni claim no knowledge as to the origin of souls. According to their belief, souls travel on their journey before birth, as well as after death; the physical realm is simply one stage of that journey. They believe, as well, that elves who do not

  • Servants of the Undying Court

    Priests of the Undying Court-or soungraloi, as they are known in the Aereni dialect-are elves who have dedicated their lives to assisting others in their spiritual journey rather than pursuing their own. While a great many soungraloi

  • Rites and Rituals of the Undying Court

    Aereni worshipers express their reverence for the Undying Court in a number of ways.


    Aereni prayers are simple utterances, little more than the name of an ancestor (often preceded or followed by an honorific),

  • The Undying Court in Everyday Life

    Religion and daily life in Aerenal are inseparable. The Aereni believe that the spirits of their ancestors watch them constantly, and their undying ancestors literally walk among them. To please their ancestors, and to continue their own spiritual

  • Temples and Shrines of the Undying Court

    Temples to the Undying Courtor souvrouh, plural and singularare stone structures, normally consisting of two to five rooms on a single level. Some of the largest have multiple floors, often in the form of a step pyramid. These are used for

  • Variant Sects of the Undying Court

    Worship of the Undying Court consists of nothing but variant sects. Each Aereni family reveres its own ancestors above all others. Each family ultimately prays to the Court as a whole, but its pantheon of spirits and undying is unique. Each has its

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