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  • Valenar

    Capital: Taer Valaestas
    Population: 70,000 (43% elves, 28% humans, 15% half-elves, 5% halflings, 5% hobgoblins, 4% other races)
    Exports: Horses, mercenary services

  • Valenar's Industries

    The Valenar elves demonstrate an uncanny knack for the art of war and the breeding of horses. The bloodline of Valenar horses can be traced all the way back to the warhorses of ancient Xendrik, and the creatures have no equal among the native

  • Life and Society in Valenar

    The elves of Valenar venerate the memories of their warrior ancestors, the giant slayers of ancient Xendrik. Where the elves of Aerenal honor their ancestors through devotion and prayer, the Valaes Tairn believe that imitation is the truest form of

  • Valenar's Government and Politics

    The Valaes Tairn consists of a league of individual warclans, not an organized legion. All Valenar elves owe fealty to the high king. Forty-five warclans roam Valenar. At any time, twenty of the warclansthe Host of Valenarare under the direct command

  • Power Groups in Valenar

    Due to the fluid structure of Valenar, few groups have great influence in the land. Each warclan is a military force to be reckoned with, but most are more concerned with winning glory in battle than with political intrigue. The dragonmarked houses

  • Religion in Valenar

    The Valenar elves share the religious beliefs of the elves of Aerenal, but with a slightly different focus. They respect the councilors of the Undying Court, but have a greater reverence for the elven heroes of Xendrik. Each warrior has a patron

  • Major Settlements in Valenar

    Most communities in Valenar are farming villages or hamlets inhabited by humans and half-elves. Six strongholds on the borders of the realm, each the size of a small town, serve as way stations for traveling warclans.

    Taer Valaestas (

  • Important Sites in Valenar

    In addition to the Cyran cities that fell during the Last War, Valenar contains ancient hobgoblin and elven ruins dating back to the Empire of Dhakaan.

    Taer Sadaen: This fortress, built during the Age of Monsters, was

  • Adventuring in Valenar

    Valenar has a diverse environment, including forests, rolling steppes, fertile plains, and barren desert. The key to traveling through Valenar is not to appear to be a challenge to the Valaes Tairn. The nation is on a war footing, and young warriors are

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