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  • Vitalist Method-Vitalist

    All vitalists must choose a particular method that encompasses their focus in the skills they develop. As they gain in level, their method determines the abilities they gain.

  • Collective-Vitalist

    A vitalist learns to use psionic power to connect willing minds through an internal network that strengthens their psychic bonds. As a standard action, a vitalist can join up to his class level in willing targets into his collective. The vitalist must

  • Collective Healing-Vitalist

    Whenever a willing member of the vitalists collective could regain lost hit points or ability damage, the vitalist may choose to redirect any or all of that healing to one or more other willing members of the collective as a free action. This can

  • Medic Powers-Vitalist

    The vitalist gains special uses of some of his powers that are unavailable to other characters.

    The following powers gain the Network descriptor when manifested by a vitalist: all powers of the [healing] subdiscipline, animal affinity, <

  • Knacks-Vitalist

    Vitalists of all forms learn to manipulate the energy of body and mind in minor ways. A vitalist selects two general knacks, along with one knack from his corresponding method. Knacks may be used at will, as long as the vitalist maintains psionic focus

  • Transfer Wounds-Vitalist

    All vitalists learn how to transfer wounds with but a touch. As a standard action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity, a vitalist may touch a target and heal it for 1d6 points of damage. The vitalist suffers the same number of points of non-

  • Health Sense-Vitalist

    Beginning at 2nd level, a vitalist may take a swift action to gauge the relative health level of collective members, determining the amount of damage, in hit points, that an ally has taken. In addition, the vitalist may make a Heal check as a standard

  • Spirit of Many-Vitalist

    A vitalist of 2nd level gains special abilities when manifesting powers with the Network descriptor. He can manifest these powers on any member of his collective, even if they are out of the powers range or would normally be immune to the power.

  • Steal Health-Vitalist

    At 3rd level, a vitalist has learned to siphon the health of a creature and use it for his own needs or the needs of his collective. As a touch attack, the vitalist may deal a number of hit points in damage to the target equal to his vitalist level +

  • Telepathy-Vitalist

    When a vitalist reaches 3rd level, all willing members of his collective (including the vitalist himself) can communicate with each other telepathically, even if they do not share a common language. Psionic creatures who are willing members in a

  • Request Aid-Vitalist

    Starting at 5th level, members of a vitalists collective are able to request aid from the vitalist, should he not realize such aid is needed. As a standard action, any member of the collective can request healing from the vitalist. The vitalist

  • Pulse-Vitalist

    A vitalist of 6th level can project an pulse of psionic energy to all members of his collective as a free action by spending 1 power point. The effect of the pulse depends on the vitalists chosen

  • Expanded Knowledge-Vitalist

    Skilled vitalists understand that there is merit in expanding their arsenal. At 9th level, a vitalist gains Expanded Knowledge as a bonus feat. He gains this feat again at 18th level.

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  • Steal Life-Vitalist

    Beginning at 14th level, a vitalist can not only steal the health of a target, but steal their life itself. By making a successful melee touch attack and expending psionic focus, the vitalist can force the target to make a Fortitude save (DC 10 + half

  • Soulthief Method

    A soulthief vitalist develops techniques that focus on harnessing the energy of enemies, siphoning it off and using it to heal himself and his allies.

    Soulthief Power: A soulthief vitalist adds collapse to his list of

  • Guardian Method

    A guardian vitalist focuses his skill on keeping his allies from suffering wounds. He develops psionic abilities that deflect, absorb, and reflect damage proactively, rather than healing wounds after they are suffered.

    Guardian Power:

  • Mender Method

    A mender vitalist is the most common found, as he focuses on healing wounds more efficiently, even bringing back life to the dead. The mender vitalist learns how to boost the bodys natural healing ability to unimaginable regenerative levels.

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