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  • Wardens of the Wood

    The largest druid sect in the world, the Wardens learned their traditions from the awakened greatpine Oalian, who guarded the deepwoods long before humans ever came to Khorvaire. This group protects the Reaches by destroying unnatural creatures (

  • Servants of the Wood

    Roughly half of the Wardens are human, with the rest made up largely of half-elves and shifters, along with a smattering of other races. They are kindly intentioned and do their work out of a sincere desire to achieve perfect harmony with the world, in

  • Rites and Rituals of the Wardens

    In addition to the purification rituals and the rites of passage common to any religion, the Wardens undertake certain special rites as described below.


    Initiation into the Wardens takes place in the Great

  • The Wardens of the Wood in Everyday Life

    Inhabitants of the Eldeen Reaches live and work side by side with the Wardens. The sect is so firmly ingrained within society that it is barely noticed; rather, the absence of the Wardens would cause concern.

    As noted above, most followers of the

  • Temples and Shrines of the Wardens

    Because the Wardens do not condemn using natures bounty to create technology, they are comfortable with buildings, furniture, and other trappings of civilization. For example, the High Druids grove remains undeveloped, but Greenheart contains simple

  • Emblem of the Wardens of the Wood

    The greatpine Oalian is the progenitor of all the Wardens, and many wear a stylized pine tree somewhere on their garb out of respect to the Great Druid. Orcs and half-orcs often bear a scar shaped like a tree.

    The bracken fern is another token of

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