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  • Warrior Paths

    Presented below are some of the possible different warrior paths that psychic warriors may choose. Unless otherwise indicated, if you expend psionic focus to activate a maneuver, you still gain the benefit of your Trance until the end of your turn.

  • Ascetic Path

    You have studied with the mystics of the ancient temples, sat silent embracing the solitude and isolation, so as to become more in tune with your body and mind, merging them into a single, dangerous warrior.

    Powers: Defensive

  • Assassin's Path

    While others prefer to stand boldly in the face of danger, your preferred weapon is stealth and silence. When you attack, your enemy is bound to fall.

    Powers: Distract, prevenom or prevenom weapon


  • Brawler Path

    You bring the combat right into the face of your enemy. Your powers allow you to overpower enemies and bring them to bear, either to bring justice to them, or to finish them when they are worn down.

    Powers: Grip of iron

  • Mind Knight Path

    You have sworn an oath to your order, and in exchange you have been trained in mystic techniques that allow you to summon a weapon from beyond time and space, while protecting yourself with the power of your mind.


  • Weaponmaster Path

    You become one with your weapon and wield it with vicious strokes, cleaving enemies as if wheat before a scythe. Your weapon is an extension of your will and thus it is deadly.

    Powers: Empty mind, metaphysical weapon

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