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  • Zilargo

    Capital: Trolanport
    Population: 250,000 (60% gnomes, 16% humans, 11% dwarves, 7% kobolds, 6% other races)
    Exports: Alchemical goods, education, entertainment, maps, precious stones, ships

  • Zilargo's Industries

    For a small nation, Zilargo exports a large array of goods and services. The gnomes are known for diplomatic expertise, and the demand for gnomish translators, advocates, and mediators is high. House Sivis regulates these services, as well as

  • Life and Society in Zilargo

    Zilargos beautiful architecture fills the towns and cities of the gnome nation, and the streets vibrate with bright colors, song, and good cheer. Friendly, helpful inhabitants seem genuinely interested in talking with strangers, and theft and violent

  • Zilargo's Government and Politics

    The Triumvirate rules Zilargo. This council, composed of a representative from each of the major cities of Korranberg, Trolanport, and Zalanberg, was founded as an oversight committee to monitor the behavior of students and patrons of the Library of

  • Power Groups in Zilargo

    The following groups have power in Zilargo.

    House Kundarak: House Kundarak has a strong presence in Zilargo, with large outposts in all the major cities.

    House Sivis: The House of

  • Religion in Zilargo

    The people of Zilargo are extremely broad-minded when it comes to religion. Most gnomes try a few religions before settling on a single patron deity. Some never make a final choice; there are gnomes who attend and even perform services for both the

  • Major Settlements in Zilargo

    The gnomes of Zilargo place a high value on appearances. Gnome architecture, designed for beauty, features delicate carvings, elaborate railings and balconies, and lavish gardens. Murals and statues are scattered throughout every community. Most

  • Important Sites in Zilargo

    All kinds of goblinoid ruins can be found throughout the nation.

    Paluur Draal: This ruined city, which extends below the surface of the earth, has belonged to gnomes, humans, kobolds, and originally hobgoblins. The

  • Adventuring in Zilargo

    Zilargo is a peaceful region, best suited to urban adventure. A few buried ruins from the Age of Monsters are still waiting to be discovered, but the climate is pleasant, the wildlife mild, and few bandits or other major threats endanger travelers.

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