Dragon Prophesier

The sky above, the pits and caverns below, and the land between contain signs and portents for those with the skill to see them. The dragons of Argonnessen seek meaning in the patterns they observe all around them, looking for omens of the draconic Prophecy.

Like the dragons, you seek to untangle and perceive the record of everything that has been, and more important, what will be. The world is the record, and you are the perennial student. This openness to knowledge infuses you with additional foresight—you have prophetic favor.

Prerequisites: Knowledge (Arcana) 1 rank, Speak Language (Draconic).

Benefit: With a full-round action, you can place yourself in a state of openness and insight into the world around you. This state is referred to as prophetic favor, and it lasts for a number of rounds equal to 3 + 1/2 the number of Knowledge (Arcana) ranks you have. While in prophetic favor, you gain a +1 insight bonus on saves. You can enter a state of prophetic favor a number of times per day equal to 1/2 your HD (round up) + your Cha modifier (minimum 1).

Leads Into: Prophecy’s Artifex, Prophecy’s Explorer, Prophecy’s Hero, Prophecy’s Mind, Prophecy’s Shaper, Prophecy’s Shepherd, Prophecy’s Slayer

Dragon Prophesier

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