Elder Giant Magic

You have learned a technique developed by ancient giant spellcasters, allowing you to channel additional power into your spells.

Prerequisite: Spellcraft 6 ranks or giant type.

Benefit: When casting a spell with a casting time of no more than 1 round, you can increase the casting time by up to 3 rounds. For each additional round that you extend the casting time, your effective caster level is increased by 1. This increase affects all the variables that depend upon caster level, including checks to overcome spell resistance.

Using this power is not without danger. Each round of increased casting time, you must succeed on a concentration check (DC 15 + spell level + 1 for each previous check) or lose the spell. You cannot take 10 on these checks.

Special: Creatures of the giant type can also use this feat to improve spell-like abilities, and they gain a +4 competence bonus on concentration checks made to use the feat.

Elder Giant Magic

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