Greater Aberrant Dragonmark

As it increases in power, your aberrant dragonmark expands to cover much of your body.

Prerequisite: Aberrant Dragonmark, Lesser Aberrant Dragonmark, character level 9th.

Benefit: Select one spell from the following list, or two marked with an asterisk: cloudkill, cone of cold, confusion *, dominate person, enervation *, fear *, feeblemind, fire shield *, flame strike, insect plague, mass inflict light wounds, phantasmal killer *, or slay living.You may cast that spell instead of the spell granted by your Aberrant Dragonmark feat, but afterwards you must succeed on a DC 17 Fort save or become dazed for 1 round. You may use your Aberrant Dragonmark feat one additional time per day.

Special: You may select this feat multiple times. Each time after the first grants you additional spell choices but no extra uses.

Greater Aberrant Dragonmark

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