Level: Cleric 7, sorcerer/ wizard 7
Components: V, S, M (A white diamond of at least 500 gp value for every Hit Die possessed by the possessing spirit. If the gem is not valuable enough, it shatters when the binding is attempted. The gem is destroyed if the lifebound host is slain, but can be reused if the possessing spirit escapes destruction. (Although crea­tures have no concept of level or Hit Dice as such, the value of the gem needed to bind an individual spirit can be researched.))
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Touch
Target: One possessed creature
Duration: 1d6 rounds
Saving Throw: Will negates; see text
Spell Resistance: No

When this spell is cast on a possessed creature, the pos­sessing spirit is temporarily bound within its host and inextricably locked to that host’s life force. If the lifebound creature is slain, both the host and the possessing spirit die.

While under the effect of this spell, the host creature automatically falls under the complete control of the pos­sessing spirit. For the purpose of combat, the lifebound creature uses its own attacks and special abilities (with any enhancements provided by the possession), but can make use of any of the possessing spirit’s spell-like, psi-like, or supernatural abilities, even if the possessing spirit normally does not have use of those abilities while possessing the host creature. The lifebound creature makes use of the possessing spirit’s abilities in ways that make sense for its own form. For example, an Inspired that has a tsucora quori spirit would gain that creature’s terrifying sting supernatural ability, but would use the ability through its natural attacks or weapon attacks (the Inspired’s choice).

The possessing spirit takes no damage from attacks directed at the host creature. However, if a lifebound host is slain (taken to —10 hit points), the possessing spirit is instantly destroyed. The host creature can then be raised or resurrected if such magic is available.

Many outsiders are tied to the energy of their plane, and so are never permanently destroyed. For example, this spell could destroy the personality and memories of a particular quori spirit, but that spirit’s energy returns to Dal Quor to eventually form a new quori of the same kind. However, a spirit destroyed by this spell cannot reform for a number of weeks (as reckoned on the Material Plane) equal to its Hit Dice.

The magic needed to bind a possessing spirit to a host body is both powerful and unstable. As a result, neither the caster of this spell nor the possessing spirit or host creature knows the spell’s duration, which is rolled in secret by the DM. Each round as a full-round action, the lifebound creature can make a special Will save (DC equal to spell’s save DC minus possessing spirit’s HD + your caster level). A quori spirit possessing an Inspired host can add the levels of the host body to its Hit Dice for the purpose of resisting this spell. If the spirit succeeds on the save, it can abandon the host body as a free action. If it chooses not to abandon the host, the possessing spirit remains bound.


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