Mark of Twelve Moons

Your dragonmark has mysterious ties to one of Eberron’s twelve moons.

Prerequisite: Lesser Dragonmark or any Siberys dragonmark.

Benefit: You gain a +1 inherent bonus to one ability score, chosen according to the type of dragonmark you possess.

Moon Dragonmark Ability (Choose One)
Zarantyr Mark of Storm Dexterity or Intelligence
Olarune Mark of Sentinel Strength or Wisdom
Therendor Mark of Healing Wisdom or Charisma
Eyre Mark of Making Constitution or Intelligence
Dravago Mark of Handling Strength or Charisma
Nymm Mark of Hospitality Constitution or Charisma
Lharvion Mark of Detection Intelligence or Charisma
Barrakas Mark of Finding Strength or Intelligence
Rhaan Mark of Scribing Intelligence or Wisdom
Sypheros Mark of Shadow Dexterity or Charisma
Aryth Mark of Passage Dexterity or Wisdom
Vult Mark of Warding Constitution or Wisdom

Mark of Twelve Moons

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