Perfect Reflection

You are particularly skilled at mimicking the forms and mannerisms of others. The better you know a specific individual, the more able you are to look and act just like that person. Some changelings attribute this ability to a trace of their doppelganger ancestors’ ability to peer into the minds of others.

Prerequisite: Changeling, Cha 15, Wis 13.

Benefit: When using your minor shapechange ability to disguise yourself, you get a competence bonus on your Disguise check and on Bluff checks made to impersonate that person. The bonus is based on how well you know the person you are imitating. While these categories are similar to the categories that determine a character’s bonus on Perception checks to see through a disguise, the amount of the bonus is not the same.

Familiarity Bluff/Disguise Bonus
Recognize on sight + 2
Friend or associate + 4
Individual is present + 6
Close friend + 8
Intimate + 10

Perfect Reflection

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