Quill of Sivis

Your dragonmark makes you more adept at deciphering and using scrolls, as well as avoiding magic traps that involve glyphs, runes, and symbols.

Prerequisite: Any Mark of Scribing.

Benefit: Once per day, you can reroll any one Linguistics check. The decision to reroll must be made before learning the outcome of the original roll, and you must accept the result of the second roll.

In addition, you gain a +2 bonus on Use Magic Device checks to decipher written spells or use scrolls.

If you possess the lesser Mark of Scribing, you do not trigger explosive runes, fire trap, glyph of warding, or sepia snake sigil spells, and can touch and handle objects protected by such spells without harm. If you possess a greater Mark of Scribing or a Siberys Mark of Scribing, you also do not trigger symbol spells. If another creature causes such a spell to trigger and you happen to be in the affected area, you suffer the spell trap’s effects as normal.

Quill of Sivis

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