Right of Counsel

You have the legal and sacral right to seek advice from one of your ancestors, a deathless elf in Aerenal’s City of the Dead.

Prerequisite: Elf.

Benefit: By virtue of your hereditary place in your family, you are allowed to enter the City of the Dead and seek advice from a deathless ancestor who resides there. Generally, your ancestor is an undying councilor. If you physically present yourself before your ancestor, you can gain one of the following benefits.

  • The ancestor uses one of its spell-like abilities, such as dispel evil, dispel magic, or heal, on your behalf.
  • The ancestor answers your questions about matters within its experience and learning, up to the limits of its own knowledge.
  • The ancestor seeks supernatural knowledge on your behalf, providing answers to questions equivalent to a commune spell with your level as the caster level and no XP cost.

The deathless ancestors in the City of the Dead grow impatient with frequent interruption, and thus they refuse to assist you more than once per month.

Normal: The elves guard the City of the Dead with religious devotion, preventing anyone from entering who is not entitled to visit the ancestors.

Right of Counsel

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