Swiftness of Orien

You can draw on the power of your Mark of Passage to temporarily enhance your speed or the speed of your mount.

Prerequisite: Least Mark of Passage or Siberys Mark of Passage.

Benefit: As a swift action, you can expend one of your daily uses of your Mark of Passage dragonmark to gain an enhancement bonus to any of your speeds for 1 round. Alternatively, you can grant this bonus to a creature you are currently riding. The creature affected must have a speed in the form of movement to be increased (for example, you can’t gain a bonus to fly speed if you don’t have a fly speed).

The increase to speed depends on the level of the mark charge that you expend.

Mark Speed Increase
Least Mark + 20 ft.
Lesser Mark + 40 ft.
Greater Mark + 60 ft.
Siberys Mark + 90 ft.

Swiftness of Orien

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