Temples and Shrines of the Children of Winter

Individual packs do not establish shrines. They consider land they have “purified” to be dedicated to the forces of destruction, laying the way for the great rebirth to come. However, the sect as a whole considers the entire Gloaming to be sacred ground. Numerous packs patrol the borders of the wood to keep out intruders. The very heart of the Gloaming, though, is a dark mystery that even the Children fear to breach. They are aware of the Nightbringers and are suspicious of these breakaway druids, so some packs also patrol the inner ring to watch for activity.

The Nightbringers

Mabar, the Endless Night, is a realm of darkness and negative energy. Most inhabitants of Eberron see the plane as inimical to life, and its inhabitants as wholly evil. The Children revere the darkness, seeing it as the necessary balance to light and life, and see no contradiction in including Mabar in their worship. And a few, believing that darkness is the ultimate destiny of the universe, work to hasten its conquest of the other planes. These maverick Children call themselves Nightbringers.

Those who follow the Nightbringer path are drawn to the dark places. They are natives of or seek out Mabar manifest zones, especially the Gloaming in the Eldeen Reaches. These druids prefer to operate at night or within a Mabar manifest zone. They remain within the Gloaming as long as possible, preferring to grow closer to the darkness, rather spreading the coming winter into the rest of the world.

Nightbringer leaders call themselves Nyctarch, while the most senior of those who follow take the title Darksinger.

Temples and Shrines of the Children of Winter

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