The Children of Winter in Everyday Life

For most inhabitants of the Reaches, or anywhere the sect is active, the Children are a dangerous but limited force of nature. Like tornadoes, they are immensely destructive but very few in number; the average inhabitant is not touched by them. Being prepared is the best defense, so people always seek information about the sect’s activity in nearby areas. News of a great plague usually heralds the presence of the Children, whether as observers or carriers. And the Children flock like crows to scenes of destruction visited by nature, perhaps to contribute more of their own. Should an incursion by a pack seem likely, the locals usually try to be elsewhere during that time. Some have established secure shelters in the villages or beneath their houses where they can hide out until the threat has passed.

The Children and Government

The governments of civilized nations view the Children as crazed killers and terrorists, a view that is not entirely fair. The unpredictable nature of the sect’s activities and its widely scattered adherents make military responses infeasible, though. The northeastern Brelish border, being fairly close to the Gloaming, sees increased patrols against both incursions by the Children and by the Ashbound. Generally, though, the nations of Khorvaire have more pressing matters to deal with—things over which military might and diplomacy have some real influence.

Droaam’s Daughters of Sora Kell are interested in the implications of the Children’s beliefs. No one knows the hag covey’s ultimate purpose, but the trio might find something useful in promoting the coming of winter—or at least using the sect to further its own ends.

The Children and Other Sects

The Children have little patience with most other druid orders, seeing them as hopelessly stuck in the past.

Specific Attitudes

The Wardens of the Wood: Whether nature and civilization can live in harmony is irrelevant to reality. Both are doomed, and the sooner the Wardens come to realize this, the more use they can be to the world as it is.

The Ashbound: Such grim determination to hold back the hands of time. Pathetic.

The Gatekeepers: Their day is past. Perhaps they even stopped the winter that should have come, and doomed the world to thousands of years of needless suffering.

The Greensingers: They at least understand that all things have their place in creation. I wonder how sanguine they will be when winter comes to their twilight groves.

The Children of Winter in Everyday Life

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