Winter's Mark

As a member of the Children of Winter sect, you use the dark power of your aberrant dragonmark to cleanse the world.

Prerequisites: Child of Winter, Aberrant Dragonmark.

Benefit: You can use a death touch once per day. Your death touch is a supernatural ability that produces a death effect. You must succeed on a melee touch attack against a living creature. If the melee touch attack succeeds, roll a number of d6s (“death dice”) as determined by the strength of your aberrant dragonmark.

Aberrant Dragonmark Death Dice
Aberrant Dragonmark 3d6
Lesser Aberrant Dragonmark 6d6
Greater Aberrant Dragonmark 9d6

If the total at equals or exceeds the target’s current hit points, it dies. A target that has more HD than you gets a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 your level + your Cha modifier) to resist the effect. Your daily use of this ability is not expended if your melee touch attack fails.

Winter's Mark

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