Capital: Shae Cairdal
Population: 2,650,000 (77% elves, 19% undying, 3% half-elves, 1% other)
Exports: Crafts, bronzewood, densewood, livewood
Languages: Elven, Common, Draconic

The island-continent kingdom of the elves radiates with magic. Jungles of bronzewood and densewood blanket the land, and the boundaries between life and death have become blurred and indistinct in the ancient elf civilization. The honored dead of Aerenal walk among the living. The Sibling Kings call upon the ancient lords of the Undying Court for guidance, and the ranks of the elf armies overflow with heroes who died in glorious battle. In the depths of the City of the Dead, the elf kings of ages past chart the movement of the Ring of Siberys and prepare for greater days to come.

The elves of Aerenal have always revered their ancestors. Once slaves of the giant tribes of Xen’drik, the ancient Aereni elves bought their freedom with blood and magic, and elf bards still sing of their heroic deeds. In the center of the island-continent lies a region where necromantic energy flows easily, and it was here that the elf Priests of Transition discovered the rites and rituals required to preserve their elders beyond death. Sustained by the veneration of their descendants, these undying elves have guided their country for more than twenty thousand years. The strength of the deathless has carried Aerenal through confl icts with hobgoblins, humans, and even the dragons of Argonnessen. Yet the Aereni have never sought to conquer; their undying armies have always fought in defense of the nation.

Because of a superstitious fear of the walking dead and the isolationist attitude of the elves of Aerenal, few humans ever visit the island-continent, and those who do rarely venture beyond the port city of Pylas Talaear. Thus the island-continent remains a mystery. What ancient treasures are hidden in the City of the Dead? What magic lurks in the Densewood Jungle? And what has driven the conflicts between dragons and elves?


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