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Changelings are subtle shapeshifters capable of disguising their appearance. They evolved through the union of doppelgangers and humans, eventually becoming a separate race distinct from either ancestral tree. They do not possess the full shapechanging ability of a doppelganger, but they can create effective disguises at will. This ability makes them consummate spies and criminals, and many changelings live up to that potential.

Physical Description

Changelings strongly resemble their doppelganger lineage, with only a passing nod to their human heritage. All changelings fall within the boundaries of Medium size, usually standing between 5 and 6 feet tall. Unlike true doppelgangers, changelings do have gender in their natural form, although they can adopt any shape they like. Changelings have pale gray skin, and their hair is thin and fair. Their limbs are long and slightly out of proportion compared to other humanoids. Their faces have slightly more distinct features than a doppelganger’s, including a hint of nose and lips, though their eyes remain blank white and the rest of their facial features don’t look quite as finished as those on a human.


Changelings live wherever humans do in Khorvaire, blending in among them and living in their shadow. They are most commonly found in the large cities of Khorvaire, where they form the backbone of the criminal underworld, though many find more respectable work as entertainers, inquisitives, government agents, and sometimes adventurers. Changelings have no established homeland of their own.


Nobody with any sense completely trusts a changeling. Many people, however, have reason to do business with them. Most members of other races treat changelings with extreme caution. Dwarves have little patience for their deceptive and subtle manner. Halflings, on the other hand, enjoy matching wits with changelings, though they are often rivals in certain shady activities.

Alignment and Religion

Changelings of all alignments exist, but most gravitate toward the neutral alignment. They focus on their own concerns without any meaningful regard for laws or morals. Many have their own code of honor but are also fiercely independent. Some refuse to engage in assassination, while others embrace that path as the most perfect form of the changeling art of deception.

Many changelings revere the deity known as the Traveler, one of the Dark Six. Others follow a personal philosophy of the perfect form, in which physical transformation is a mystical practice symbolizing spiritual purification. This philosophy is curiously amoral, and its practitioners include both assassins and saintly ascetics.


Changeling adventurers might be fleeing from past crimes, seeking revenge for a wrong done to them, or striving for spiritual perfection through the use of their shapechanging abilities. Others are driven to adventure through a simple lack of other palatable opportunities: Changelings who are not inclined toward crime or stealth often have difficulty finding steady work.


Changelings never develop dragonmarks, though they can mimic a mark’s form if not its power.

Male and Female Names

Bin, Dox, Fie, Hars, Jin, Lam, Nit, Ot, Paik, Ruz, Sim, Toox, Yug.

More Changeling Information

Changeling Racial Traits

Humanoid (Shapechanger)

+ 2 to One Ability Score: Changelings gain a + 2 bonus to one ability score chosen at creation, to represent their varied nature.

Medium: Changelings are Medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.

Normal Speed: Changelings have a base speed of 30 feet.

Minor Shape Change (Su): A changeling may change his appearance as a full-round action. This functions as the disguise self spell, except that it is a transmutation effect which affects the changeling’s body but not his possessions, and lasts until he changes his appearance again or dies. As part of using this ability, a changeling may change the ability score to which he receives a racial bonus.

Deceptive: A changeling gain a + 2 bonus to Bluff, Intimidate, and Sense Motive checks.

Slippery: A changeling gains a + 2 bonus on saves against sleep and charm effects.

Natural Linguist: Linguistics is always a class skill for changelings.

Languages: Changelings begin play speaking Common. Changelings with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following: Auran, Dwarven, Elven, Giant, Gnome, Halfling, and Terran.

Favored Class Bonuses

Alchemist: Whenever you ingest a mutagen or cognatogen, reduce the penalties to ability scores by -1/5 (minimum 0).

Barbarian: Add a + 1/2 bonus on Intimidate checks and Bluff checks made to feint in combat.

Bard: Add a + 1/2 bonus on Disguise checks and Diplomacy checks to change a creature’s attitude.

Rogue: Add a + 1/2 bonus on Stealth checks and Intimidate checks to change a creature’s attitude.

Sorcerer: Determine the duration of transmutation and illusion spells you cast on yourself as if your caster level were + 1/2 higher. If the spell affects multiple creatures, only you receive the increased duration.

Wizard: Determine the duration of transmutation and illusion spells you cast on yourself as if your caster level were + 1/2 higher. If the spell affects multiple creatures, only you receive the increased duration.

Racial Archetypes

Cabinet Trickster-Rogue


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