Child of Winter

You are trained in the druidic traditions of the Children of Winter, an Eldeen Reaches sect that embraces death and decay.

Prerequisites: Ability to spontaneously cast summon nature’s ally, nongood alignment.

Benefit: You can use any druid spell that normally targets animals against vermin as well. A mindless vermin is considered to have an Intelligence score of 2 when dealing with you and can be charmed, calmed, or targeted by wild empathy or similar abilities.

In addition, you can use your summon nature’s ally spells to summon vermin. Add the following monsters to the list of creatures you can summon using the appropriate summon nature’s ally spell.

1st Level

  • Monstrous centipede, Medium
  • Monstrous scorpion, Small
  • Monstrous spider, Small
    2nd Level
  • Giant ant, worker
  • Monstrous centipede, Large
  • Monstrous scorpion, Medium
  • Monstrous spider, Medium
  • Spider swarm
    3rd Level
  • Giant ant, queen
  • Giant ant, soldier
  • Monstrous centipede, Huge
  • Monstrous spider, Large
    4th Level
  • Giant praying mantis
  • Giant wasp
  • Locust swarm
  • Monstrous scorpion, Large
    5th Level
  • Centipede swarm
  • Carrion crawler
  • Giant stag beetle
    6th Level
  • Monstrous centipede, Gargantuan
  • Monstrous scorpion, Huge
    7th Level
  • Hellwasp swarm
  • Monstrous spider, Gargantuan
    8th Level
  • Monstrous centipede, Colossal
  • Monstrous scorpion, Gargantuan
    9th Level
  • Monstrous scorpion, Colossal
  • Monstrous spider, Colossal

Leads Into: Winter’s Mark

Child of Winter

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