Daelkyr Half-Blood

Despite being sealed away under the earth, a daelkyr can reproduce, after a fashion. A daelkyr’s corporeal incarceration constantly leaks the virulence of its corrupting spirit. The unborn are especially vulnerable to this influence, and those innocents growing in the wombs of their mothers within the sphere of this beastly influence are born as daelkyr half-bloods.

Physical Description

Daelkyr half-bloods very strongly resemble humans, with only a touch of their daelkyr parent’s appearance, but that only makes them more beautiful. The typical daelkyr half-blood stands between 5 and 6 feet tall and rarely weighs more than 170 pounds. Otherwise they are as versatile in looks as all humans are.


Daelkyr half-bloods are born of pregnant mothers who were either influenced by close proximity to a daelkyr confinement cylinder or infected by a breed leech. Transformed in the womb from the natural creature they might have otherwise become, half-bloods are instead born as aberrations, the knowledge of which each new daelkyr half-blood can embrace or reject as its own true nature becomes clear. When a daelkyr half-blood birth occurs spontaneously due to proximity to a daelkyr confinement cylinder, that daelkyr half-blood typically goes on to serve daelkyr goals. On the other hand, if a daelkyr half-blood is born after its mother’s unfortunate contact with a breed leech, the resultant creature’s nature is not predetermined—indeed, many go on to fight their own kind. However, the birth of a daelkyr half-blood is always accompanied by the afterbirth of a symbiont, twin to the daelkyr half-blood, if different in form and ability. Child and symbiont share an unnatural attraction, despite the horror of parents who might be tempted to cast out both. Such hard luck half-bloods, shunned by their parents, might be more drawn to daelkyr ideals than those of their biological forebears.


Daelkyr-loyal half-bloods are anathema to all other creatures, except the aberrations that also serve the Lords of Xoriat. Half-bloods living in other societies generally manage to coexist with other races so long as they do not openly reveal their symbionts, which tend to horrify and terrify average citizens of Khorvaire. Lucky half-bloods befriend those who look past their symbiont dependency, and are able to see the person beneath.

Alignment and Religion

Half-bloods are far more often evil than good, but nothing predetermines the eventual alignment of a daelkyr half-blood—only the manner in which the half-blood is raised.

No single religion dominates among the disparate half-bloods.


Adventuring half-bloods feel a restlessness that stems from the distrust normal people feel upon learning of a half-blood’s symbiont. Discovery and adventure are a great anodyne to being shunned.


Daelkyr half-bloods never possess dragonmarks.


Daelkyr half-blood names tend to depend wholly on the culture in which a given half-blood is raised.

Daelkyr Half-Blood Racial Traits


+ 2 to One Ability Score: Daelkyr half-bloods get a + 2 bonus to one ability score of their choice at creation to represent their varied nature.

Medium: As Medium creatures, daelkyr half-bloods have no special bonuses or penalties due to size.

Normal Speed: Daelkyr half-blood base land speed is 30 feet.

Darkvision: Daelkyr half-bloods have darkvision out to 60 feet.

Personal Symbiont (Ex): All half-bloods begin play with one personal symbiont that they can pick from the following list: Personal Symbiont List. If a personal symbiont is lost, a daelkyr half-blood can grow a replacement from his own flesh over a period of 2d4 days. A daelkyr half-blood can’t grow or regrow symbionts that he has gained in any other manner, nor can a daelkyr half-blood grow a replacement for a symbiont if the original symbiont yet lives.

As a daelkyr half-blood advances in level, he can grow a new personal symbiont as indicated on the list. Any new personal symbiont grown replaces the old symbiont. A daelkyr half-blood can choose additional symbionts from the list provided above.

Symbiont Mastery: A daelkyr half-blood gains the Symbiont Mastery feat as a bonus feat.

Symbiont Dependency (Ex): Daelkyr half-bloods’ facility with symbiont usage comes at a price. Without daily contact with at least one symbiont, a daelkyr halfblood begins to die. If a daelkyr half-blood has no contact with a symbiont for 24 hours, he takes 1 point of Constitution damage. He takes this damage every 24 hours until contact is restored, and Constitution damage sustained in this fashion cannot be restored by any means as long as the daelkyr half-blood remains separated from symbionts.

Unbalanced Mind (Ex): The minds of daelkyr half-bloods are in constant self revolt, reflecting their daelkyr “parents” mixed with the more standard mindset of their biological mothers. Any creature that attempts to read the thoughts of a daelkyr half-blood, or otherwise study his mind, must make a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 half-blood’s level + Cha modifier) or be dazed for 1 round.

Languages: Daelkyr half-bloods begin play speaking Common. Daelkyr half-bloods with high Intelligence scores may choose from the following: Daelkyr.

Favored Class Bonuses

Alchemist: The alchemist gains + 1/6 of a new discovery, as long as said discovery has a transformative effect on his body (eg. he could select Vestigial Limb but not Poison Bomb). If he has a special companion (a familiar, animal companion, etc.) he may choose for them to gain the benefit of this discovery instead.

Racial Archetypes

Impure Prince-Ranger

Daelkyr Half-Blood

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