Dragonmark Rage

In combat, your dragonmark fuels the fury of your rage.

Prerequisites: Ability to rage, Aberrant Dragonmark or Dragonmarked Bloodline or Eldritch Heritage (Dragonmarked).

Benefit: You gain fast healing while raging, regaining a number of hit points at the end of your turn each round. The amount of fast healing depends on the strength of your dragonmark.

Dragonmark Fast Healing
Least Dragonmark 1
Lesser Dragonmark 2
Greater Dragonmark 3
Siberys Dragonmark 4

A base aberrant dragonmark is equivalent to a least true dragonmark for the purpose of this feat.

Special: You do not gain the benefits of this feat while under the effect of a rage spell or any other effect that emulates the rage class feature.

Dragonmark Rage

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