Dragonmarked Bloodline

A sorcerer may use a dragonmarked bloodline in place of the Draconic bloodline to qualify for the dragon disciple prestige class, and a dragon disciple without sorcerer levels may select a dragonmarked bloodline. A character with this bloodline chooses one mark available to his race, and may never gain the abilities of another mark by any means (though he may still learn spells on their lists as normal spells). Using the Disguise skill to create a disguise that incorporates a fake dragonmark inflicts a – 10 penalty on the check, since such things are easy to recognize and difficult to copy.

The grade of a character’s dragonmark is determined by the maximum level of spells it can access – Least: 1st, Lesser: 3rd, Greater: 5th, Siberys: 7th

When a character with a dragonmark gains a level in a favored class they may choose to gain + 1/2 daily uses of their dragonmark’s bloodline power in place of the normal bonuses.

The Eldritch Heritage feat and House Member trait allow a member of any class to gain a dragonmark.

Races, Class Skills, and Bonus Spells

Detection: Half-Elf; Sense Motive; detect snares and pits (3rd), reveal true shape (5th), see invisibility (7th), detect scrying (9th), banish seeming (11th), true seeing (13th), greater arcane sight (15th), moment of prescience (17th), foresight (19th).

Finding: Human or half-orc; Perception; identify (3rd), locate object (5th), helping hand (7th), locate creature (9th), commune (11th), find the path (13th), analyze dweomer (15th), discern location (17th), sympathy (19th).

Handling: Human; Handle Animal; calm animals (3rd), speak with animals (5th), greater magic fang (7th), dominate animal (9th), animal growth (11th), awaken (13th), summon nature’s ally VII (15th), euphoric tranquility (17th), clone (19th).

Healing: Halfling; Heal; cure light wounds (3rd), lesser restoration (5th), remove disease (7th), neutralize poison (9th), breath of life (11th), heal (13th), greater restoration (15th), regenerate (17th), mass heal (19th).

Hospitality: Halfling; Diplomacy; unseen servant (3rd), share language (5th), create food and water (7th), secure shelter (9th), mage’s private sanctum (11th), heroes’ feast (13th), mage’s magnificent mansion (15th), mass planar adaptation (17th), refuge (19th).

Making: Human; Craft; repair light damage (3rd),_ make whole_ (5th), minor creation (7th), major creation (9th), fabricate (11th), total repair (13th), statue (15th), repel metal or stone (17th), true creation (19th).

Passage: Human; Survival; expeditious retreat (3rd), phantom steed (5th), dimension door (7th), overland flight (9th), teleport (11th), passwall (13th), greater teleport (15th), phase door (17th), interplanetary teleport (19th).

Scribing: Gnome; Linguistics; comprehend languages (3rd), whispering wind (5th), secret page (7th), tongues (9th), sending (11th), mark of justice (13th), instant summons (15th), symbol of death (17th), soul bind (19th).

Sentinel: Human; Intimidate; shield of faith (3rd), shield other (5th), protection from energy (7th), lesser globe of invulnerability (9th), stoneskin (11th), globe of invulnerability (13th), repulsion (15th), mind blank (17th), prismatic sphere (19th).

Shadow: Elf; Stealth; disguise self (3rd), minor image (5th), clairaudience-clairvoyance (7th), scrying (9th), prying eyes (11th), shadow walk (13th), greater scrying (15th), greater prying eyes (17th), shades (19th).

Storm: Half-Elf; Acrobatics; endure elements (3rd), gust of wind (5th), sleet storm (7th), hurricane blast (9th), control winds (11th), acid fog (13th), control weather (15th), stormbolts (17th), storm of vengeance (19th).

Warding: Dwarf; Disable Device; alarm (3rd), arcane lock (5th), nondetection (7th), fire trap (9th), mage’s faithful hound (11th), greater glyph of warding (13th), guards and wards (15th), prismatic wall (17th), wall of suppression (19th).

Bonus Feats: Any dragonmark feat.

Bloodline Arcana: Whenever you cast a bloodline spell or a spell which affects dragonmarks, increase the spell’s caster level and save DC by + 1.

Bloodline Powers: Characters who manifest a dragonmark gain the following abilities.

Least Power (Sp): You may use any spell on your bloodline list as a spell-like ability with a caster level equal to half your sorcerer level (minimum 1) – if this would result in a caster level too low to cast the chosen spell then it cannot be cast. These spell-like abilities do not gain the benefits of your bloodline arcana. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 1 + your Charisma modifier (the spells share a common pool).

Favored in House (Ex): At 3rd level you gain a + 2 bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy and Intimidate checks made against members of your dragonmarked house. In addition, you may call on contacts in your house 1/week per two sorcerer levels to provide you with favors. Roll a d20, with a + 1 modifier per four character levels. The DM sets the DC based on the scope of the favor being requested; it can range from 10 for a simple favor to as high as 25 for highly dangerous, expensive, or illegal favors. You can’t take 10 or take 20 on this check, nor can you retry the check for the same (or virtually the same) favor. Favors should help advance the plot of an adventure. A favor that would enable you to circumvent an adventure will always be unavailable to you, regardless of the result of the check.

Greater Power (Su): At 9th level your Least Power becomes a Supernatural ability, and gains the benefits of your bloodline arcana.

Heir of Siberys (Su): At 15th level you gain 1 temporary hero point at the start of each encounter, which expires when the encounter ends.

Living Prophecy (Ex): At 20th level your Least Power becomes an Extraordinary ability. You may expend 2 uses of your Least Power in place of a hero point. Finally, you gain a + 4 bonus on Intimidate checks made against true dragons.

Dragonmarked Bloodline

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