At 2nd level, and every even level afterwards, the artificer learns a new trick about creating and manipulating magical energies. The list of innovations are as follows:

Extra Rings: You can wear up to four magic rings, two on each hand, and all function normally.

Exceptional Artisan: When determining the time you need to craft any magic item, reduce the base time by 25%.

Extraordinary Artisan: When determining the gold piece cost to craft any magic item, reduce the base price by 25%.

Pattern Charge: Use patterns from equivalent (or higher) spell levels as charges in wands and staves.

Cull Wand Essence: When using a spell trigger device, such as a wand or staff, you can expend a charge from the device and produce a ray of magical energy that you can fire at a single target within 60 feet. With a successful ranged touch attack, the ray deals amage based on the level of the spell normally produced by the magic item, according to the table below.

Spell Level Damage
1st 1d6
2nd 3d6
3rd 6d6
4th 10d6

For example, a charge from a wand of cure moderate wounds could be used to deal 3d6 points of damage to a target.

This attack benefits from Weapon Focus (ranged spells) and similar feats and effects. The ray is treated as a spell of the same level as the spell normally produced by the magic item. Spell resistance applies to the damage, using the caster level of the spell trigger item.

Extra Upgrades: You gain 1 extra upgrade point for your personal creation. You must be at least 4th level to take this innovation.

Wand Surge: You can spend an hero point instead of a charge when you activate a charged spell trigger item, such as a wand or staff. To use this ability, the item must have at least one charge remaining.

If two or more charges would normally be subtracted from the charged spell trigger item, then the number of charges required is reduced by one when you spend your action point.

Improved Flight Item: You can craft a magic item that grants a fly speed in such a way that its powers are enhanced within a manifest zone linked to Syrania, including anywhere within the city of Sharn. When such an item is used in Sharn, the fly speed it grants is increased by 50%. In addition, it can be used an additional two times per day, or continuously if it could otherwise be used three times or more each day.

For example, if you make a pair of winged boots, they grant a fly speed of 90 feet and can be used continuously as long as they are used within Sharn. (Normally, winged boots function three times per day.) The market price for the boots is unchanged. If you make a carpet of flying, it grants a fly speed of 60 feet within Sharn and is otherwise unchanged (since carpets of flying normally work continuously).

Finally, if you also have the Craft Construct feat or the ability to craft a personal creation, any construct you create that has a fly speed gains Manifest Flight as a bonus feat.

Race Emulation: Choose one race. You count as that race for the purpose of creating and activating magic items.

Class Emulation: Choose one class. You count as that class for the purpose of creating and activating magic items.


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