Mark of Handling

The Mark of Handling grants powers related to the care and control of animals.

House: The humans of House Vadalis carry the Mark of Handling. Their Handlers Guild controls the business of breeding and selling livestock throughout Khorvaire. Though the elves of Valenar are gaining a reputation for breeding the finest horses in Khorvaire, their steeds are rare and expensive, while House Vadalis provides a strong, loyal, and affordable mount.

Unmarked members of House Vadalis are animal handlers, breeders, auctioneers, stablekeepers, drivers, and teamsters.

Marks: The aspects of the Mark of Handling grant the following benefits.

Least Mark of Handling: calm animals 1/day, charm animal 1/day, or speak with animals 1/day; +2 bonus on Handle Animal checks.

Lesser Mark of Handling: dominate animal 1/day or greater magic fang 1/day.

Greater Mark of Handling: animal growth 1/day or summon nature’s ally V 1/day.

Mark of Handling

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