Mark of Hospitality

The Mark of Hospitality grants powers related to food and shelter.

House: The halflings of House Ghallanda carry the Mark of Hospitality, which is extremely useful in the halflings’ native nomadic culture. In the cities of Khorvaire, House Ghallanda operates the Hostelers Guild, whose members include innkeepers, chefs, and restaurateurs. While the guild does not operate every inn and dining establishment in Khorvaire, it enforces standards and performs inspections to regulate those businesses.

Unmarked members of House Ghallanda run some of the finest hotels and restaurants in Khorvaire.

Marks: The aspects of the Mark of Hospitality grant the following benefits.

Least Mark of Hospitality: purify food and drink 2/day, prestidigitation 2/day, or unseen servant 1/day; +2 bonus on Diplomacy checks.

Lesser Mark of Hospitality: create food and water 1/day or secure shelter 1/day.

Greater Mark of Hospitality: heroes’ feast 1/day or magnificent mansion 1/day.

Mark of Hospitality

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