Mark of Passage

The Mark of Passage bestows magical powers related to transportation and teleportation.

House: The humans of House Orien are the bearers of the Mark of Passage. They control a worldwide Couriers Guild that uses its powers to carry parcels, messages, and people over great distances instantaneously—for a high price. The house has holdings and operates across Khorvaire, though it traces its origins to Aundair. The house’s Transportation Guild oversees lightning rail and caravan routes throughout central Khorvaire.

Unmarked members of House Orien work as mundane couriers, often within the boundaries of a single city or nation.

Marks: The aspects of the Mark of Passage grant the following benefits.

Least Mark of Passage: expeditious retreat 1/day, mount 1/day, or dimension leap 1/day; +2 bonus on Survival checks.

A character with the dimension leap spell-like ability can teleport up to a total of 10 feet per character level per use. The character can leap a shorter distance than his maximum, as long as the distance is in 10-foot increments. Using dimension leap is a standard action.

Lesser Mark of Passage: dimension door 1/day or phantom steed 1/day.

Greater Mark of Passage: overland flight 1/day or teleport 1/day.

Mark of Passage

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