Capital: Newthrone
Population: 300,000 (40% lizardfolk, 30% humans, 15% kobolds, 7% halflings, 3% dwarves, 2% half-elves, 3% other)
Exports: Eberron dragonshards
Languages Draconic, Common, Riedran

The frontier nation of Q’barra, settled within the past seventy years and recognized by the Thronehold Accords, remains a dangerous, unstable place. Even so, more than a hundred thousand settlers call it home and fight to keep it, despite the troubles and dangers that surround them.

For centuries, some people put their loyalty to Galifar above their ties to any single nation. Such folk were traumatized when the Last War shattered the kingdom they loved. Among these patriots was Duke Ven ir’Kesslan of Cyre, who petitioned for and was granted rights to settle the land east of the Endworld Mountains. Here, in the jungle peninsula called Q’barra by the Lhazaar pirates who first discovered it, the Cyran noble envisioned a land where those who refused to fight their brothers and sisters and cousins could start a new kingdom based on the ideals of ancient Galifar.

The settlers formed a huge flotilla of ships of all sizes and headed out to follow the coast to any hospitable bay in the Q’barran jungle. Drawn from all the Five Nations, the members of ir’Kesslan’s expedition included scholars, lesser nobles, clergy, and common folk who opposed the war and saw hope in the duke’s plan. After a long and arduous sea journey, made even more treacherous due to piracy and war, only four out of every six vessels that sailed from Cyre reached Adder Bay, where the exiles established the town that would become Adderport. Impressed by the beauty of the land and trusting the mountains and seas to shield them from the ravages of war, ir’Kesslan vowed his new nation would remain true to the ideals that held Galifar together for almost a thousand years.

Over time, the region attracted new settlers—idealists who shared ir’Kesslan’s beliefs and refugees who sought a safe haven from the war. Some of these later arrivals included outlaws, war criminals, defeated troops, and, most recently, displaced Cyrans. Not all these disparate groups get along. Added to these tensions, the settlers must deal with the dangers that lurk in the jungle itself. Duke ir’Kesslan had seen no signs of humans—indeed, the Lhazaar pirates consider the peninsula cursed—and assumed Q’barra was uninhabited. He was mistaken.

More than ten thousand years ago, the Dhakaani Empire drove the lizardfolk of the Talenta Plains across the Endworld Mountains and into the swamps and jungles of Q’barra. The lizardfolk dwelt mainly in northern Q’barra, along the Torva River and in the Basura Swamp. As the settlers spread throughout the Adder Valley and into the jungle beyond, they began despoiling lizardfolk holy sites without realizing it. The poison dusk lizard folk took to ambushing settlers, and twenty-nine years ago the Cold Sun tribes launched an assault on the human invaders. The settlers, taken by surprise, suffered serious casualties in the first months of the conflict. Ultimately the magical skills and superior weapons of the humans turned the tide, and the lizardfolk retreated to the northern swamps.

Though truces have been struck and full-scale war avoided, the settlers of Q’barra must still contend with hostile lizardfolk, Valenar warbands, Lhazaar raiders, and kobold marauders from the Endworld Mountains. Recent discoveries of large deposits of Eberron dragonshards have brought House Tharashk and a swarm of prospectors to the region. Tensions among the various groups of settlers continue to run high, especially with the arrival of large numbers of Cyran refugees. Aside from the lizardfolk and kobolds, Q’barra is home to all manner of dinosaurs, dire and horrid reptiles, and giant and venomous vermin. Finally, a dark and ancient force bides its time in the deep jungle, waiting for its moment to strike.


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