Ragewild Fighting

You have mastered a merciless form of combat that emphasizes using brute strength to shatter your foes.

Prerequisites: Shifter, Power Attack, base attack bonus +6.

Benefit: Ragewild Fighting enables the use of three tactical maneuvers (whether you are shifting or not).

Instinctive Strike: Ragewild warriors know that the magic wielded by many of Eberron’s powerful creatures can confuse the mind and cloud a warrior’s judgment, and so they learn to react to magic forcefully. Whenever you fail a Will save against a spell (excluding spells with “harmless” in their saving throw entry), you can make a single melee attack as an immediate action before the spell takes effect.

Rattle the Weakling: To use this maneuver, you must hit the target creature with a melee attack in the first round, then make a melee attack using Power Attack (taking a penalty of at least –5 on your attack rolls) in the second round. Any creature of your size category or smaller hit by this attack must make a Fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 your character level + your Str modifier) or be dazed for 1 round.

Brutal Charge: To use this maneuver, you must charge a foe and successfully hit with a melee attack. If this charge attack hits, you can spend an action point to deal extra damage equal to your Strength bonus (1-1/2 times your Strength bonus if you use a two-handed weapon).

Special: Battleshifter Training and Ragewild Fighting are inimical to each other, and no character can have both tactical feats. If a character chooses to take one of these feats while already having the other, he gains the benefits of the new feat but forever loses access to the first (and does not gain a new feat to replace it).

Ragewild Fighting

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