Servants of the Becoming God

The primary task for a Godforged assemblage is to discern the nature of the Becoming God, and to contribute to its embodiment. In this, each leader has its own conviction, and the others, built to serve, follow without question. The leader chooses its own title, which is usually a variant on or synonym for “Architect” or “Builder,” recognizing its role in the progress of construction. A large group might contain one or two subordinate leaders (often called “Planners”) who direct the activities of the assemblage according to the Architect’s vision.

Religious Duties

Above all, the leaders of Godforged assemblages guide their followers in understanding their god and in actively creating its earthly container. Repetition is natural to warforged life and instruction, so the life of a cult beats to the rhythm of the leader’s chant, much like a marching cadence. This liturgy tells of the Becoming God and the origins of warforged souls, of the future that is to come, and of the duty of every follower to its god. The group literally marches in beat, scouring the ruins of the Mournland for materials and relics suited to the great project.

Assemblage Architects are responsible for collecting and recording the knowledge of the group. They note the place from which god-pieces come, and the nature of each. When a member shares an insight with the group, this enters the records as well. Landmarks, encounters with other groups, and significant events all go into the plan (as the record is called). Architects continually update the plan, especially during periods of inactivity, and keep the record within a special container fastened to (or incorporated into) their own body. Older records are never destroyed but are maintained as an archive to check against the current plan. Mundane ink and paper usually suffice, but the more fanatical Architects might go so far as to engrave their plans on sheets of
thin metal.


The Godforged’s existence is to quest. They search for the Firstforge, the damaged Cyran creation forge, which some claim is operated by the Lord of Blades. They also quest for materials that will some day help realize the body of the Becoming God.

The Godforged see the Lord of Blades not as a divine being in himself but as a true prophet of the Becoming God. If he indeed controls the Firstforge, he is the only one of their kind to build bodies that hold living souls. Moreover, a soul attached by this prophet cannot help but have a firmer bond to its body. Many argue that to find the Lord of Blades is to find the way to the Becoming God. Still, none know how to locate the warforged Lord, nor he they, although he would welcome such followers.

The Godforged movement is not evangelical: Each member hears the call within itself and seeks the truth.

Servants of the Becoming God

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