Shield of Thought

You wield your spirit as both weapon and shield.

Prerequisites: Kalashtar, ability to generate a mind blade.

Benefit: As a move action, you can create a semisolid shield composed of psychic energy distilled from your quori soul. Functionally, the effect is identical to a light shield sized to your current form (+1 shield bonus to AC, –1 armor check penalty), and has a hardness of 10 and 10 hit points. Like a mind blade, a shield of thought dissipates the instant it leaves your hand. You can wield a mind blade and a shield of thought at the same time, but you must manifest each one as a separate action.

If you have the mind blade enhancement class feature, you can choose to apply any or all of the bonus points from this ability to your shield of thought instead of your mind blade. Each point that you apply in this manner provides a +1 enhancement bonus to the shield bonus and reduces the shield’s armor check penalty to 0, but you cannot equip the shield with armor special abilities in this way.

You are always considered to be proficient with your own shield of thought.

Special: The Soulblade Warrior feat quickens the time it takes to manifest a shield of thought to a swift action.

Shield of Thought

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