Shifter Ferocity

You are a tenacious combatant, continuing to fight when others would succumb to pain and injury.

Prerequisites: Shifter, Wisdom 13.

Benefit: While shifting, you continue to fight without penalty if you are disabled or dying. This has the following specific game effects:

When reduced to 0 hp, you may act as if you weren’t disabled (that is, you ignore the normal restriction to only a single move or standard action per round). You do not lose 1 hp for performing a standard or otherwise strenuous action while at 0 hp.

When your hp is reduced to –1 to 1 + your negative Constitution score, you do not fall unconscious. You do not automatically lose 1 hp each round when at –1 to –9 hp.

When your current hit points drop to your negative Constitution score or lower, you immediately die.

Shifter Ferocity

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