Shifter Savagery

The bestial fury of your lycanthrope ancestors allows you to deal devastating strikes with your natural weapons.

Prerequisites: Shifter with the gorebrute, longtooth, or razorclaw trait, base attack bonus +6, ability to rage or frenzy.

Benefit: While shifting and raging simultaneously, the threat range of your natural weapons doubles (to 19–20) and the base damage dealt by your natural weapons improves by two steps, as if your size had increased by two categories. To determine the amount of the damage increase, find the natural weapon’s damage value on one of the two progressions below and improve it by two steps (for example, from 1d4 to 1d8).

Progression I: 1d2, 1d3, 1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 2d6, 3d6, 4d6, 6d6, 8d6, 12d6.

Progression II: 1d10, 2d8, 3d8, 4d8, 6d8, 8d8, 12d8.

Special: The threat range improvement granted by this feat doesn’t stack with any other effect that expands the threat range of a weapon (such as Improved Critical). The damage improvement granted by this feat does not stack with other effects that increase the base damage of your natural weapons (such as Improved Natural Attack), except for effects that grant an actual size increase (such as an enlarge person spell).

Shifter Savagery

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