The Becoming God

Rumors persist of a warforged battalion that desrted its Karrnathi masters and entered the Mournland. Calling themselves the Godforged, they are unified by a belief that warforged have souls-and that these soulds were bestowed upon them by a construct god. How the Godforged concieve of such a deity is unknown to those outside the cult-whether the philosophical ideal of “construct” can exist without a created body is a matter for the scholars-but they are not content to worship a distant concept. The Godforged are dedicated to the great task of building a body to let their god walk the world as a comrade. The construction of this vessel-the Becoming God- is the project of lifetimes.

Over time, the Godforged movement has gained more adherents. Warforged seek definite goals in life, and they fear ultimate destruction as much as any living being. For some, belief in a thing greater than themselves addresses both issues, but in typical warforged fashion, they require something tangible. Hearing the stories, these curious individuals gradually make their way to the heart of the Mournland in search of truth. There, they find one another and form small groups, called “assemblages,” devoted to learning more about the Becoming God. Within each group, the warforged with the strongest personality naturally assumes a leadership role and begins to direct the activity of the assemblage.

Religious and philosophical arguments have raged over the question of whether warforged have souls. They cannot become undead, but they can be resurrected. Is the ability to be aware and to reason sufficient evidence for a soul? For the Godforged, there is no question.

Consciousness is what seperates them from mere machines and their mindless precursors, and if other conscious beings have souls, the warforged do, as well. They have no difficulty concieving of a soul that is seperate from the body: the Becoming God is surely the most powerful construct soul, and the source of their own. However, the Godforged also believe that a soul is built into a body, and that it increases as life advances. (Hence, placing their god into its own body will let it grow even more powerful.) This belief is reflected in a propensity to add pieces to themselves, whether as magic components or simply as ornament.

If the Godforged believe in an afterlife, they do not subscribe to the idea of Dolurrh as the soul’s destination. The warforged soul is bound within the body, and without one, it exists as mere potential. Most Godforged hold that unbound souls form part of the Becoming God until they once again find bodies, or become part of his physical entity.

Some religious scholars have noted what they consider an odd parallel between the Becoming God’s devoted and the Church of the Silver Flame. Both believe that souls departed from their fleshy confines join their god. Although the Church of the Silver Flame views the journey as a one-way trip and the Godforged see more interaction, it would be interestion to these same scholars to know if any Godforged or Flame scholar has investigated other similarities between the two presumably seperate gods.

The Becoming God

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