Capital: Taer Valaestas
Population: 70,000 (43% elves, 28% humans, 15% half-elves, 5% halflings, 5% hobgoblins, 4% other races)
Exports: Horses, mercenary services
Languages: Elven, Common

Ten thousand years ago, the elves of Aerenal established a settlement on the southern shore of Khorvaire. Initially, the hobgoblin emperor was pleased to have a center for trade with the elves, but over the course of the next century this relationship soured and turned to war. The elves could not match the numbers of the goblinoids and were driven back to Aerenal. War between the empires continued sporadically over the next few centuries. Ultimately, both hobgoblin and elf agreed to respect the current borders—the elves would hold their island-continent, and the hobgoblins would continue to dominate the mainland.

Millennia passed, and the hobgoblin Empire of Dhakaan crumbled to dust. By the time of King Jarot of Galifar, the land once contested by hobgoblins and elves was part of the realm of Cyre. Much of the region was sparsely populated, with the occasional human village, migrating halfling tribe, and a handful of hobgoblin clans hiding in the shadows. When the Last War began, Cyre came under attack from all sides and quickly sought allies. While the Undying Court of Aerenal had no interest in returning to Khorvaire, the Cyrans drew the interest of the Valaes Tairn. These militant elves had long sought an opportunity to test their blades in epic battle, and they were only too willing to enter the fray.

For decades the elves fought on the side of Cyre, battling Talenta warbands, hobgoblin mercenaries, and the forces of Breland and Karrnath. They fought for the love of battle and gold, not loyalty to Cyre. Then, in 956 YK, the elves took action that surprised the Cyrans and the other Five Nations. War Leader Shaeras Vadallia proclaimed that his people had ties to the land from a time before human feet touched the soil of Khorvaire, and that his soldiers had restored those ties with spilled blood. Vadallia declared himself high king of the new nation of Valenar, and his warriors have been fortifying their position and slowly expanding their borders ever since.

The Valenar elves have no interest in peace, but they participated in the talks at Thronehold to gauge the measure of their enemies and to gain acceptance in the human courts. Today, Valenar warbands continue to clash with Karrnathi forces, and raids into the Talenta Plains and Q’barra occur on a regular basis. Now that the Last War has come to an end, it remains to be seen whether the Treaty of Thronehold can end this elven aggression.


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